Very heavy . Cement bottom. Wild flowers. The wind was blowing so it didn't get couple of ornaments on it.


6 x 8 Ft. Aluminum Frame Polycarbonate Greenhouse. $700 when new.
Great for a media room. This is a very large piece 45.5 x 35.5. Purchased from Hobby Lobby. Original price $159.99
Runs good. All tires hold air. Dont no much about it. Lawn boy .
25 25 foot foldable canopy. Lost one of extension for a leg . Replaced with another medal rod. Works great. 1 person can manage to take up and down. 2 very small wholes can be found only if searched for.
Cuts great, needs a new starts but you have to charge battery or jump it. Asking what I paid $300 obo.